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Greenleys First School

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Remote Education Information for Parents click here (Uploaded January 2021)

Anti Bullying Policy click here (uploaded October 2020)

Attendance Policy click here (uploaded September2020)

Relationships Policy click here (uploaded September 2020)

Drug and Substance Misuse click here (uploaded October 2021)

Charging & Remissions Policy (reviewed annually)

Complaints Policy (annually) click here (uploaded March 2021)

Late Collection Policy click here (uploaded September 2020)

Lockdown procedures for Greenleys First school click here (uploaded September 2020)

Core Values

EYFS Policy click here (uploaded July 2020)

Equality Policy click here (uploaded July 2020)

Child Protection Policy click here (uploaded January 2022)

Greenleys First School policy RSE click here (uploaded July 2020)

Covid 19 Risk Assessment for March 2020 click here (uploaded Feb 2021)

Covid 19 Addendum to Child Protection and Safeguarding click here (uploaded Feb 2021)

Privacy Notice - Pupils

SEND and Inclusion Policy 2020 click here (uploaded January 2022)

SEND Information Report click here (uploaded January 2022)

Teaching and Learning Policy click here (uploaded September 2020)

E-Safety Policy click here (uploaded October 2021)

ICT Acceptable Use Policy click here (uploaded January 2021)

Health and safety Policy click here (uploaded October 2021)

Snow Closure Notice

Teaching of British Values click here (uploaded September 2020)

Healthy Eating Policy

P.E Policy

Safety in P.E Policy