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Basic Skills Quality Mark Programme – Visit Feedback Report

School name





Sue Harrington

School and/or

HT email


Tel no

01908 314698

Alliance QM Assessor


Visit date



Purpose of Visit

Initial Assessment



The Assessor spoke with the following people  





Headteacher and/or Senior Leaders YES

Literacy Subject Leader YES

Numeracy Subject Leader YES

Assessment Manager






Pupil representatives YES

Governor representative(s) YES

Parent representative(s)YES





‘Learning Walk’ completed? YES

Relevant evidence-base reviewed? YES







Suggested areas for development in preparation for the next Quality Mark visit:


·         Ensure that all parents and children are given the opportunity to be trained to use the excellent new school web site.


·         Consider using a bespoke school e safety logo on website pages, computers etc. to raise awareness of the school policy for computer safety further.


·         Raise the quality of pupil oral skills and their awareness of an audience so that they can better articulate what they are learning.






‘Good practice’ identified in relation to the 10 Elements of the Quality Mark:


Greenleys First School is a good school with many excellent features.

Pupils enter school well below the national average. The schools challenge is to raise achievement to national average and above when pupils leave.

The governors report that the Headteacher leads with integrity, honesty, openness and authenticity. Leadership at all levels is a strength of the school. Governors are very well informed and have the same commitment to continuing improvement as the staff. The staff team are dedicated to making each and every child’s learning experience at Greenleys the very best. The devolved leadership structure ensures that all staff feel valued and take the responsibility of teaching the basic skills. The general ethos of the school appears to be one of facing challenges with flexible exciting solutions.

The school prepared thoroughly for the assessment. The evidence was meticulous and culminated in a robust action plan to further develop the basic skills. The school reported that the basic skills audit process proved to be very beneficial for all staff.


Strengths of the school include;


  • Assessment, target setting, planning, monitoring and evaluation processes are robust and are used effectively to raise achievement. Methods of assessment are consistent across the school. Staff track the progress of pupils very well and a plethora of interventions are used successfully. The partnerships, which the school has fostered with other schools in the area, have supported accurate school moderation of standards and the sharing of best practice.


  • Attainment and standards in literacy and maths are improving. The progress of pupils is reported by the school as good starting from a ‘well below average’ base line. The literacy and numeracy leaders are proficient and know their subjects well. There is evidence of good leadership in these areas. Policies are practiced consistently across the school. Learning journeys, learning partners and talk for writing are just some of the successful elements in all classes. Exciting Writing is used across the school to raise levels of achievement and the focus on handwriting skills is resulting in higher levels of attainment. During the visit a group of children were observed engaged in a ‘numicon’ activity. This programme is showing great success with all year groups. ICT across the school has been upgraded and is used well to support learning across the full spectrum of the curriculum. The phonics lessons observed were fully interactive, pacey and clearly enjoyed by the children.


  • Addressing underachievement is a priority for all staff at the school. Vulnerable groups are monitored very well and their progress is tracked to ensure they reach potential. The behaviour, emotional and wellbeing team (BEWT) are specially trained to support nurture groups. During the assessment a nurture group was seen totally engaged and enjoying a learning activity in a fully equipped designated area. The care and wellbeing of each child is seen by the school as a prerequisite to successful learning.  The staffing structure of the school includes a play leader and deputy play leader, learning mentor with responsibility for family support and staff responsible for more able and talented (MAT) pupils. All staff work tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes and support for pupils.


  • Parents and governors reported complete satisfaction with the support pupils receive at the school. All parents interviewed expressed heartfelt appreciation for the work of the school. They reported that they were very impressed with the quality of the teaching and the dedication of all staff to the welfare of their children. When asked, the parents were categorical that the staff at the school enjoyed teaching at the school and that their children very much enjoyed learning. There is a palpable high level of morale demonstrated across the school by staff. The welcome is genuine and warm; staff enjoy discussing learning strategies and the children they serve.

The governors interviewed presented a thorough knowledge and understanding of the strengths and areas for development in the school.


  • The curriculum is broad and varied. The care and the wellbeing of each and every person of the school and wider community are at the heart of the school ethos.

Attention to detail ensures pupils and parents are well informed and feel part of their children’s learning. A parent expressed gratitude to the staff of the school for helping him to achieve a more punctual start to the day for his daughter. He also appreciated that the school has supported the family when they had limited funds for after school activities. Staff understand the importance of and plan each day for pupil’s readiness and fitness to learn in a safe and secure environment.


  • During the assessment children were seen fully engaged in each lesson. Teachers and teaching assistants deliver high quality lessons and activities for groups. The learning environment is rich and exciting. Restorative justice and the excellent care and wellbeing provided by the school are demonstrated by the children’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning. The new school web site is outstanding. Much work has been undertaken to make it a lively, interesting and informative site for parents, teachers, pupils, governors and any interested parties.


The Headteacher has a clear shared vision of raising achievement. All staff are fully aware of the ‘non-negotiables’ (the must haves) to ensure the best possible education for the children. Support, challenge, accountability and excellent professional development are used in equal measures to create a school where there is such excitement about learning.


Well done Greenleys!