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Greenleys First School

  1. Restorative Principles

Restorative Principles in Practice at

Greenleys First School

Here ar Greenleys First School we believe that developing positive relationships are at the centre of what we do. We aim to develop relationships that develop individuals.  All our staff create the conditions in which individuals become more engaged in their own development through their involvement in building respectful relationships.  We are dedicated to promoting constructive and respectful relationships in school, with our families and community.

We model to our children through our Restorative Principles:

  • Respect for difference
  • Valuing all individuals equally
  • Ensuring everyone has a voice and is heard
  • Responding to individuals as relational things - we all value each other
  • Maintaining a distinction in language between respect for the person and creative responses to words and actions. 

In our communication and interaction with families, Greenleys First School demonstrate how restorative principles are reflected in practices that:

  • Build respect for relationships and for all communication between people.
  • Provide experiences of being valued and not judged or threatened in any way.
  • Convey a clear and consistent message that this is a place where families and children are cared and valued.
  • Build, maintain, and when necessary, restore relationships of mutual respect.
  • Regard problems as shared responsibility.
  • Value conversation and  opportunities to develop mutual understanding.
  • Endeavour to support each person I. Having their voice heard.

To find out more about the Restorative Foundation click on the link below:

Restorative Foundation