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Greenleys First School

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At Greenleys First School we use Read Write Inc for our phonics 

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Who is Fred?

Fred Talk

Fred is our Read, Write Inc. mascot. He can only speak in sounds though (this is called Fred Talk), so we have to help him learn to say words, instead of sounds. For example, Fred says 'c-a-t' instead of cat. (See the link above for the pronunciation guide).


Fred Fingers

We use 'Fred Fingers' to help make the transition between oral sounding out and spelling with magnetic letters or in books.

Firstly, we count how many sounds we can hear:

"bat, b-a-t, 3 sounds".

Then we hold up that many fingers.

For each sound we use our writing hand to squeeze a Fred Finger and say the sound:


Then we use our free hand to 'sweep' over our Fred Fingers and to blend the sounds into a word:


 Be careful - words such as this needs 3 Fred Fingers - "th-i-s". Words such as flairs need 4 Fred Fingers - "f-l-air-s".


Books for Read Write Inc. Phonics

Read Write Inc. Books

Once they have learned enough sounds, children will begin to read 'Ditty' books in their lessons.  

After Ditty books, children continue to read groups of books that have been specially written to support progress through the scheme. These books follow their own colour scheme and do not tie in with the home/school reading books scheme.

The aim of using these books is to teach the children accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

Reading at home

  • Read favourite stories over and over again
  • Read some stories at a higher level than they can read themselves.
  • Listen to them reading their home/school books