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Phoebe(less than a year ago)

I love my new school I MIT see you on Monday

Abiha(about a year ago)


Aliona(about a year ago)

I have friends at school there names are Michelle and teodora they are my friends

Phoebe(about a year ago)


Teodora(about a year ago)

i have lots of friends at school they help when am stuck

Michelle Nsiah(about a year ago)

i like phonics because you get to have cool staff and i like school to because you get to have friends and lovely teachers

Rio(about a year ago)

Hello I have got my password.

PHOEBE(about a year ago)

I love phonics

Candice Bristow(about a year ago)

Lovely to see all the new pictures!

Daisy(a couple of years ago)

Hello how are you ? I am fine thank you I miss all the teachers when you get this message please say a big hi to Mrs Barton for me and Mrs Taylor. Thanks

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